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BØNN 24/7 I 21 DAGER

BØNN 24/7 I 21 DAGER

Det er tatt et globalt initiativ til bønn 24/7 for Ukraina nå i mai. Denne bønnestafetten startet 9. mai og vil pågå i 21 dager, til og med søndag 29. mai.

Døgnets 24 timer er fordelt mellom nasjoner over hele verden, og Norges time er fra kl. 06.00 – 07.00 hver morgen.

Blir du med på resten av denne bønnestafetten?

Det er Empowered21, der Anne Christiansen også er med, som har tatt dette initiativet til bønn. Nedenfor kan du lese informasjon som de selv har sendt ut, samt de daglige bønneemnene som har vært til nå. Hver tredje dag legges det ut nye bønneemner på deres Facebook-side, så klikk deg inn der for videre oppdateringer.

Dear Co-Labourers in Prayer,
Thank you so much for standing together with other nations around the world in a glorious unbroken 24/7 prayer marathon for the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Church.
In this initiative, jointly prepared by the Western European Cabinet of Empowered21 and Pastor Henry Madava of Victory Church in Kyiv, each nation is agreeing to cover the same 1-hour slot in prayer, every day for 3 weeks as from midnight on Sunday night 8 May.
Pastor Henry, who is also co-chair of the Eastern European Cabinet of Empowered21, will be giving us periodic updates and prayer points to help us pray more effectively.
Here are the time slots being covered each day by the nations. The rota is based on Central European Time, but we have noted the equivalent time in your national time zone:
Midnight – 1am:   BRAZIL (7pm-8pm Brazilian Time)
1am-2am: USA (7pm-8pm US Eastern Time)
2am-3am: MALAYSIA (8am-9am Malaysian Time)
3am-4am: INDONESIA (8am-9am Indonesian Time)
4am-5am HONG KONG (9am-10am Hong Kong Time)
5am-6am: PHILIPPINES (10am-11am Filipino Time)
6am-7am: NORWAY
7am-8am: UKRAINE (8am-9am Ukrainian Time)
8am-9am: SLOVAKIA
9am-10am: INDIA (1.30pm-2.30pm Indian Time)
10am-11am: ITALY
11am-12 noon: SWEDEN
12 noon-1pm: Church of God Central Europe Region
1pm-2pm: IRELAND (12 noon-1pm Irish Time)
2pm-3pm: SCOTLAND (1pm-2pm UK Time)
4pm-5pm: GREECE (5pm-6pm Athens Time)
5pm-6pm: SWITZERLAND & ESTONIA (6pm-7pm Estonian Time)
6pm-7pm: NIGERIA (5pm-6pm Laos Time) & RUSSIA (7pm-8pm Moscow Time)
7pm-8pm: LATVIA (8pm-9pm Latvian Time)
8pm-9pm: GERMANY
9pm-10pm: POLAND
10pm-11pm: ARGENTINA (5pm-6pm Argentinian Time)
11pm-Midnight: PERU (4pm-5pm Peru Time)

This 21-day Prayer Marathon is an opportunity for us to act upon our deep concern for Ukraine and the current situation in Europe. Many of us have sent teams into Ukraine, and are receiving Ukrainian refugees into our churches.
May God stir up our faith, and increase compassion and wisdom among the Spirit Empowered Christians around the globe.
Yours in Christ’s Service
Western European Cabinet


(Nedenfor finner du bønneemner til og med i morgen, 17. mai. Videre bønneemner blir lagt ut her.) 


PRAYER DAY 1 – May 9th
«He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire. Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. »
Psalm 46: 9 – 10

  • That the war in Ukraine may end.

  • That God may intervene and war ends. 

PRAYER DAY 2 – May 10th
«And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before Him.»
1 John. 3:19

  • That the spirit of hatred and prejudice be removed. 

  • Falsehood be removed as its fueling hatred and propaganda and war. 

PRAYER DAY 3 – May 11th
«For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;»
1Tim. 2:2 – 3

  • For strength of president Zelensky and other leaders. 

  • For the leaders who influence the decisions on stopping the war. 

PRAYER DAY 4 – May 12th

  • Pray for the displaced people of Ukraine in different countries of the world.

  • Healing of trauma and that families will be reunited.

PRAYER DAY 5 – May 13th 

  • Pray for the church, pastors and believers of Ukraine, to be strengthened and be protected in time of war.

  • Protection of church properties from rockets, missiles and bombs.

PRAYER DAY 6 – May 14th 

  • Pray against escalation of the war into other countries and regions.

  • Pray against formation of coalitions of aggression and destruction of lives and other countries.

PRAYER DAY 7 – May 15th

  • Pray against the destruction of cities, towns and villages.

  • Prayer against the targeting of civilians, rape of women and girls and torture of innocent people and the killing of children.

PRAYER DAY 8 – May 16th 

  • Pray for revival in every city, town and village in Ukraine, which will bring healing to people’s hearts in loss.

  • That God would raise special laborers and strategies for helping people and advancing the Kingdom in war time.

PRAYER DAY 9 – May 17th

  • Pray for all the countries surrounding Ukraine, who are being affected in one way or another, including Russia the aggressor. 

  • Pray for the regions under occupation, against filtration camps that are being used as an instrument of torture and national segregation, as was in WW2.

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