Do you know the way to God?

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Do you know the way to God? On this portal you can meet many different women who will share with you how heaven has touched their everyday lives through their faith in Jesus. The way to him is also open to you.

They are all different and have their own story of how one day they realised that Jesus is the only way to God. But they all say that they were received just as they were. They didn’t need to embellish or hide anything in order to reach out to God. On the contrary, they felt that God came out to meet them.

Our problem is that we are not able to live according to our values and our understanding of the right thing to do. The Bible calls this sin, and when we make mistakes our conscience tells us so. You need salvation not because you are leading a bad life, but because only Jesus can forgive you your sin so that you are saved.

To accept forgiveness is to accept that we are not perfect. This doesn’t mean that you are weak or second-rate, but it means that you open up to receive what God has that you cannot obtain by yourself. Our heavenly God has always wanted to be with you, and He welcomes you with open arms.

Jesus opened a way to God through his death on the cross. There he took the punishment for all the sins of the world, including yours. Even though they may not seem so significant, they nonetheless create a divide between you and God that is torn down the day you heartily say to Jesus:

Dear Jesus, it is true that I cannot live in accordance with my own heart. I need your forgiveness in order to get back onto the right path and reconnect with God. Thank you for receiving me as I am and for having good plans for my future. I give my heart to you, Jesus. Thank you for forgiving me and for making me a child of God who doesn’t have to fix everything on my own. From here on, we walk together, Jesus, because you are the way that leads to heaven.

If this is the first time you say this prayer, it is important that you contact some Christian people that you know or who live locally. Please also feel free to get in touch with us.

We hope you enjoy our portal!

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