Jesus Women in India

The work of Jesus Women in India has grown since Rachel and Ernest Komanapalli started it up in 2012 after having attended the Jesus Women’s Nordic Conference in Oslo. They have already started many local groups in the province of Andhra Pradesh. Jesus Women Norway provides humanitarian aid in the country in collaboration with Jesus Women India. Jesus Women’s work in India shares the same vision and structure as the group in Norway.

International Work

In 2013 Jesus Women started fund-raising for Manna Ministries orphanage in Hyderabad, India. They needed new furniture for their dining hall. At the orphanage the old wicker chairs were of no value. But here in Norway they are considered to be trendy design chairs! If you donate a gift of 2,500 NOK to the work in India, you will receive one of these unique wicker chairs. Limited edition.

Order the Manna Chair