Love Story (english)

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Strongly provoked by the considerable marketing of the Christian event at a great sports arena in Oslo, Anne decided to take a closer look at this media-hyped phenomenon. At the very least it might serve as a warm-up to the cocktail party she was attending later that night.

As it turned out, the American preacher’s handling of the aggressive TV News correspondent made her more curious than she was willing to admit. For years, her counter-arguments against Christianity had cut through countless discussions and formed a wall between her and the supernatural world.

But that evening it was as if the wall came under fire from a type of ammunition that this young and apparently successful woman had no defence against.

The Great Love…

Anne Christiansen is an experienced preacher whose dynamic teaching has inspired thousands of people to love Jesus and follow His example.

Anne is married to Stephan, and together they have tre daughters. They are pastors of Jesus Church and are resides in Oslo, Norway.


Author: Anne Christiansen
Publisher: JK Forlag

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